Rose Garden Expert Advice

by Chaplain Paul Slater
(San Diego, CA)


Thanks for the expert advice you provide on your rose focused website.

Now I am not into roses -- yet. You have convinced me through rose gardening made easy that I have made it much more complicated than it really is.

Now that I have rose garden expert advice, I foresee a rosy future.

Thanks for your help.

By the way, I lived in Arcadia in the 60's and graduated from Temple City High School in 1964. I attended college at Pasadena College before it moved to San Diego. My first pastorate was in Inglewood in the early 70's. So all of that is my LA connection.

Chaplain Paul Slater

Hi Paul,
Thanks for yor kind post. Glad I can help with your future rose gardening.
I live in the mid city part of Los Angeles called Hancock Park. It's the best place to grow roses, I think.
I edited one of your paragraphs.
Best Regards,
Annelie Piccino

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