Rose Gardening Advice

rose gardening advice

Tips For Growing Roses

Here is some great rose gardening advice and tips for growing roses. Lots of people are looking for free rose care advice and gardening advice on how to take care of their their flowers and roses. These are the things you need to know and practice to be sucessful growing roses.

Are you ready to experience the sweet smell of Rose-Growing-Success, but is wondering what you are doing wrong?

rose gardening advice

Planting A Rose

Here you will get gardening advice and the best advice for growing and planting roses.

Choose the right place in your garden to plant your roses. They will need plenty of sunshine and wind protection if they are in an open windy location.

Preparing a good planting site for your roses provides ideal growing conditions for companion plants too. Some rose lovers choose to grow miniature roses around the base of full-sized rose bushes; others enjoy pairing their roses with annuals, perennials and bulbs.

Underplanting your roses with spring flowering bulbs, adds color and beauty to your flower beds when the roses don't look their best.

Give your roses lots of room to grow to their natural growth habit and allow for good air circulation.

Soil For Roses

Roses do prefer organically rich soil with good drainage and no major obstructions such as tree roots or large rocks.

Roses also need beds of well-drained sandy clay-loam soil with a pH between 6.5 to 7.5 (slightly acidic to slightly alkaline.)

Put a few shovels of well-composted horse or cow manure around your roses after planting, and every spring, and your roses will really thrive. Add a 2 inch layer of mulch and watch the roses bloom with abundance.

And here is another good rose gardening advice that is very useful:

Sprinkle some Epsom Salt around the base of your roses and scratch it into the soil. Follow by deep watering directly to the base of the rose.

Planting Bare Root Roses

Bare root roses must be planted while they are still dormant. They should be soaked in muddy tepid water for up to 12 hours, overnight is good, before planting.

Planting Climbing Roses

Climbing roses should be planted a foot from their supports to allow for good air circulation.

Canes on climbing roses should be tied horizontally in order to produce more flowers, which will sprout vertically along the horizontally growing canes.

Climbing roses should not be pruned for the 2 years. They need time to build flowering canes so they can produce lots of blooms.

rose gardening advice

Climbing Roses is the Focal Point for this beautifully planted garden

Tips For Watering Roses

Deep watering during and after planting helps your new roses become established faster and helps feeder roots develop horizontally under the ground.

If there is little rain during the growing season you must provide supplemental water. Always water deeply to reach the roots and early in the morning.

More Rose Tips

Removing induvidual spent blooms on cluster flowering roses can be time consuming, so consider waiting until the entire cluster is finished blooming before cutting it off.

This is a great rose gardening advice for rose hedges. To keep rose hedges in bounds and well shaped, use regular hedge trimmers. I like the electrical hedge trimmers for speed and a more even attractively shaped rose hedge.

Container grown roses transplants well at any time during the season, even when they are blooming. Set them where you want to plant them, and adjust the spacing to give them adequate room.

Follow these helpful rose gardening advice and tips for growing roses and you will be successful growing beautiful roses.


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