Rose Gardening Tips, Smart Gardening Rose Tip


Here are some common sense and helpful rose gardening tips to make growing roses simpler.

There are no secrets to successful rose gardening, just apply this basic gardening rose tip and you will do fine.

Doing it right the from the start, will avoid lots of trouble and extra work down the road.

pink rose collage'

Rose Collage


Top Gardening Rose Tip

Only buy healthy plants from a reputable nursery or grower. Avoid so called discount deals, as these roses are likely being "dumped" for a reason.

Be sure to choose easy to grow roses with great resistance to rose diseases.

Select rose plants that do well in your area and climate zone. All roses are not created equal.

Choose a site in your garden that gets at least 6 hours of direct sun per day, starting with morning sun.

Plant in an area with good air circulation to prevent disease. Avoid overcrowding, so plant roses 3 feet apart.

three pink roses

Three pink roses


Soil Preparation

Prepare the rose soil with plenty of organic matter, such as composted manure, before planting. Add some bone meal and alfalfa pellets to the planting hole. Finish with scratching in some epsom salts on the surface.

Water thouroughly to reach the roots.

The soil should be loose and not compacted. Roses do not like "wet feet". Good drainage is of the utmost importance.

Feed with a good fertilizer for roses to promote an abundance of flowers.

the queen of roses

'Queen Elizabeth' roses, a grandiflora rose, named after the Queen of England, 1954


Keep The Garden Neat

Clean up dead leaves and debris from your rose garden.

Check your rose plants often (every day is best) for pests and diseases. Treat any problems at once.

Good health is the best insurance your roses can have against pests and diseases.

Give your roses healthy nutritious soil, lots of sunshine, good air circulation, and plenty of water. These are the greatest rose gardening tips I can give you.


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