Rose Gardening

rose gardening

Creative Ideas for Gardening With Roses

Rose gardening, gardening with roses, rose tips and advice for roses, that's what this page is about.

Fresh gardening ideas for climbing roses, scented rose varieties,and gardening with trouble free rose bushes in your garden.

How to incorporate low-growing roses in your landscape and several beautiful pictures of gardens to inspire you to garden with beautiful roses, that's what you'll find.

It's fun and exciting to grow roses.

They come in such an astonishing variety of shapes and sizes, sometimes I feel like a kid in a candystore, when browsing through all the rose catalogs, or going to my favorite local nursery in early spring and summer.

However, you need some good quality tools and some sturdy good rose pruning gloves.

The tools of rose gardening are important, and it's hard to garden with roses without the tools of the trade.

So do youself a favor and buy the basic garden tools for roses.

Designing a Garden With Roses

Here is a link to some wonderful rose garden designs for planting roses. Just click on the highlighted link above. Then hit the back button to come back to this page.

rose gardening

A great example how to garden with roses; a Path with Rose Arches. The 'Blaze' Rose in Foreground, an 'Zephirine Drouhin' in the back.

A Roses are a extremely versatile plants in a garden, because of all the options available for using a rose bush.

I am especially fascinated with climbing roses. They take up such a small ground space, one square foot, thats all!

Climbing roses are stunning trained on multiple arches over a walkway like in the picture above.

They are also great for arbors, trellises as well as against fences and walls.

Planting A Garden With Roses

Here are some tips for the proper way to plant a garden with roses. Lots of ideas as well.

rose gardening

A Beautiful Mixed Flower Bed With Roses

Rose Maintenance

You should learn how to care for roses, and how to maintain them with water, rose fertelizers etc.

When to prune them in your area, is also very important part of rose gardening.

Click on the link above for detailed instructions about caring for roses every season.

Bushes and shrub roses are excellent in mixed beds and borders, where they really can shine and provide color all season long. They are great for anchoring a flower bed and providing focal points in a garden.

rose gardening

Gorgeous 'Sally Holmes' Roses On A White Fence.

Growing low-spreading roses, such as carpet roses, make ideal groundcovers, as they are very low maintenance and do not require any deadheading because carpet roses are self-cleaning.

Spreading roses also make beautiful hanging baskets that bloom all summer into fall.

How To Choose The Right Roses

It's important to choose the right roses for your climate zone and garden conditions. The link above will give you information and tips for choosing roses.

Gardening with miniature roses are perfect for containers and windowboxes, where they can be underplanted with small vines and annuals.

The uses for roses in your garden are endless, and that's what makes gardening with roses such a fun and creative activity.

rose gardening


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