Rose John Cabot

rose john cabot

John Cabot Shrub Roses

Rose John Cabot is a super hardy, disease resistant red shrub rose from Canada. 'John Cabot' roses are constantly in bloom, giving your garden a real color show.

Rose 'John Cabot' is a hybrid Kordesii shrub rose that was introduced in 1978 in Canada by Svejda. The blooms make a fabulous color display in a garden. This shrub rose has an unusual foilage coloration. The yellow green leaves contrast nicely with the beautiful and slightly fragrant fuchsia red rose blooms.

rose john cabot

Picture Of 'John Cabot' Rose Blooms

The growing habit is vigorous, upright and bushy, and it's a super easy rose to care for. 'John Cabot' shrub rose is free-flowering and can be grown in tough conditions, and will require very little rose maintenance.

rose john cabot

The 'John Cabot' Shrub Rose Bush Growing In The Garden

The shrub has plentiful, dense leaf coverage and will grow quite tall in warmer climates, almost enough to be a small climber. So give it plenty of room.

It's a very hardy Canadian Rose that tolerates cold winters, but it needs to be given enough room to grow gracefully to its natural best, especially in warmer areas. Zones 3-9, height 6 feet or more in warmer climates.


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