Rose Leaf Damage

by Don Miller
(Carterville MO)

QUESTION: I have just recently added a couple of new roses to our yard.
One is doing great, while the other has a problem that I can't seem to identify.

The top most leaves look like something is eating all the green part leaving nothing but the skeleton structure of the leaf.

Am I dealing with a pest, or a disease?

Your input will be greatly appreciated.

I am just beginning to learn about roses and want them to do well. Thanks , Don Miller

ANSWER: Hi Don! You have Japanese beetles. They have flashy green and copper coloring.

Japanese beetles eat the foilage of plants, roses are their favorite plants to munch on.

They often skeletonize rose leaves, eating everything except the thicker leaf midrib and veins.

You can handpick the beetles and drop them in a bucket of soapy water to kill them.

For severe infestations treat with insectizide for beetles.

There are other beetles also, different colors though.

Treatment is the same.

Another group of rosae pests that cause rose leaf damage are Rose Slugs.

They are green sluglike worms about 1/4 inch long with brown heads.

For them you can spray with an insectizide containing acephate or carbaryl, or handpick them, same as for beetles.
Best Regards,

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