Rose Leaf Ends Turning Brown and Dry

The end of the green leaves on my rose bushes are turning brown and dry (crisp like they are dying from the end in). When they turn completely brown they fall off. I live in Arkansas and we have had a lot of rain and the temperatures have been cool this spring. We did have a very dry and hot summer last year. The roses came up with lost of healty green leaves and nice blooms. I noticed the leaf problem a couple of weeks ago. What could be causing this?
Most likely your roses are infested by spider mites.
Spider mites pierce cells on the undersides of leaves and suck out fluids. That's why the leaves are turning brown and fall off.
Spider mites are barely visible with the naked eye. You need a magnifying lense.
Hold a white paper under a leaf, tap the leaf sharply several times, then look at the sheet of paper.
Spider mites look like finely ground pepper moving across the sheet.
Spraying the undersides of the leaves with a blast of water daily will reduce the spider mite population.
You may also use insecticidal soap, neem oil or an insecticide.
Treating dormant roses with dormant oil will smother overwintering spider mite eggs.
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