Rose Leaf Loss

by Roxey
(Idaho, USA)


I have 2 different type of roses in my yard. They are all losing their leaves this summer. Never have done it before.


Hello Roxey,
There are a couple of reasons why this is happening.

Not enough moisture around the feeder roots. You should buy a moisture meter and check the soil around the rose.

It will go down a foot. It will tell you the moisture a foot down.
It can also be fungus problem. You should spray the soil around your roses with Neem Oil.

It's very effective for smothering and killing fungus spores in the soil.

You can also spray the canes and leaves with Neem Oil. Kills insects and fungus. Very effective actually.

I use Neem Oil a lot myself. Especially after pruning my roses. I spray the canes and the soil.

It will prevent a lot of rose problems later when the foliage and blooms emerge.

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