Rose name - Fiona

by Kerrie


I have recently lost a friend who was named Fiona.

I understand that there is a rose that is named Fiona and I would like to purchase 2 plants in memory of her.

I do not now where to find these roses. Are you able to assist?

ANSWER: Hi Kerrie! Sorry to hear about your loss.

The Fiona rose is bright red groundcover rose, that was produced by Meilland, France in 1979.

It grows wider than it is high.

A good site for it would be a spot where it can scramble up and down the soil.

It has a light sweet rose fragrance, and it's also very healthy. A great landscape plant.

I recommend you contact the Melbourne Rose Society, or go to your local garden nursery, that sells rose, and ask them to special order it for you.
Best Regards,

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