Rose of Sharons In Pots

Question: I have 5 Rose of Sharons in pots.

One is about 3 ft high. The others about 1 ft.

I live in the Northeast and have very cold weather.

The large one's leaves, at the bottom, are turning yellow already.

The other smaller ones are still very green.

I want to keep them in the pots thru the winter.

Do I leave them outside or bring them in?

Will they outgrow the pots? I am moving and want to plant them on our land-when we buy.

Probably the end of next summer.
Thanks for any help

Answer: You should move the Rose Of Sharon bushes into a cold garage, or similar place.

Wrap them in burlap and keep the soil from drying out.

They will not survive outside in pots.

You didn't say how large the pots are. If you planted them in very large pots, they should be fine until next summer.

But if the pots are on the small size, the plants will become rootbound and be circling the pot, so you would need to replant them into large pots.

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