Rose Pest Control

How To Control Rose Pests

This page is about rose pest control and how to deal with rose pests in your garden. I will show you how to effectively rid your garden of common rose pests.

Only a small percentage of garden pests, insects, cause damage to roses, so you need to know that in dealing with problem rose pests, you may also harm beneficial insects, such as lady bugs, lacewings, praying mantises and predatory wasps that devour aphids and other harmful garden pests that feed on your plants.

Why not plant some flowers that attract beneficial insects to your garden, that way they will feed on the bad bugs and your rose pests will be greatly reduced if not gone alltogether. Click on the link to take a look at the pretty flowers that invite good bugs to your garden.

There are several ways to deal with rose problem pests.

I recommend that you take a walk in your garden as often as possible.

Every morning would be ideal, since you can really 'nip things in the bud' before pests get out of control.

Once you see a pest, monitor your roses to see if the insect population is increasing or is causing damage.

You can usually stop minor infestations with a simple treatment such as a daily blast of water from a garden nozzle, or by handpicking individual insect pests.

A good hard burst of water often will knock off even tiny insects, reducing their population and giving the plant a chance to recover.

Many pest problems can be prevented by simply being proactive on a regular basis.

Severe pest problems may require rose pest control such as an insecticide. But be careful how and when to use it. Read label directions carefully.

Lesser impact products such as an insecticidal soap for roses, or Neem oil are effective on a number of insects.

Only use broad spectrum insecticides on a very limited, last resort basis, because they kill beneficial insects along with the rose pests.

To a degree, every garden will have some pest problems from time to time. If you have some in your garden, just remember - it's all part of nature.


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