Rose Pests

by Holly
(San Diego)

QUESTION: I have rose pests.

Something is eating the leaves totally off my roses branches and eating the new rosebuds and eating right through the cane so it looks as though I have cut it clean through.....up very very high as well as low.

The nursery thinks we have a deer but we do not.

A gardener suggests we need to put lime on the dirt around the rose bush to get the bug. What do you think?

ANSWER: Hi Holly!
I am not sure, about your rose pests. But I suspect snails.

I garden in Los Angeles, and I have had this problem also.

I like the lime idea, because it will kill the snails on contact almost.

I have used raw salt, sprinkled like a ring around the rose bushes.

There are snail killers, but use only the ones that will not harm pets or wild life.
Best Regards,

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