Rose Planting Questions

QUESTION: Hi – I bought two Valentine Heart Floribunda Rose plants and would like to know what time of the year they should be planted outside.

Do they need full sun? The plants now have green growth on them, and are in the house.

Should I set them outside in their pots to get the plants use to the outdoors before planting them in the ground?

What should the temperature be for planting? I am from the Northern Cambria, PA, area and the weather has been cold, snowy and raining.

Instructions on how to prepare the soil and maintaining the plants (pruning, disease) were not included.

What type of soil is needed? Do you know if these plants are deer resistant?

If they are not deer resistant, what can I do to help protect the plants from the deer?

Could I plant them in an 8x8 raised box flowerbed? How deep should the hole be? I would appreciate any help you could provide me.

Thank you for your time. Have a wonderful day.

ANSWER: Hi! Your roses should only be planted outside in your region, when all danger of frost is gone.

Meantime put you roses in cool place inside.

Select a spot in your garden that gets at least 6 hours of sun per day. Morning sun is the best.

Dig a hole about 2 feet wide and about 1 foot deep.

Buy some bagged garden soil for roses, and use that to plant your roses in. One bag for each rose.

I use Miracle Grow For Roses bagged soil.

That soil for roses will have all the stuff in it that your roses need to get off to a good start.

You need to read my page about planting roses.

Since you are new to planting roses, and rose gardening, you should also read my page about rose bush maintenance.

If you follow the instructions on these 2 pages, your roses will grow and thrive.

Do not let your roses dry out while inside, and don't let the roses stand in water. Good drainage is crucial.
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