Rose Planting Time

by jJ. Fogarty
(Marion, MA)

QUESTION: My son has just moved to Richmond Hill Ga., just outside Savanah.

I want to plant a rose garden there using southern roses (I have a successfull Massachusetts rose garden).

When is the rose planting season in Georgia?

Where can I get Noisette roses, and similar old regional varities in that area(as opposed to ordering on line)?

And finally, of course, your recommendations.

ANSWER: Hi! The Rose planting time depends on if the area has cold winters with frost, or if it's a warmer area.

Check out my page for the best planting times for different regions in the US.

You will find the information there.

You can also locate a local nursery that sells roses near Savannah, and ask them when it's the best time to plant.

Every area has pocket zones, so a local nursery would have the most correct planting time information for roses.

I do recommend any of the Noisette roses, they are available at Vintage Gardens

However, if you want to buy these roses in the area locally, go to your rose nursery, and ask to special order the Noisette varieties you'll like.

Check out Vintage Gardens for all the Noisette rose types.

Here is the Blush Noisette growing in my garden. I just love it.

I also have a page about old garden roses that will give you information about the different types of old antique fragrant roses.

Also my page about the best roses to plant in Southern USA would be good for you to read.
Best Regards,

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