Rose Plants Not Blooming

by Syed Ilyas
(Mysore, Karnataka, India)

QUESTION: My name is Syed, I have a question about my rose plants.

However, no matter how much I water them, provide fertilizer, add manure, my rose plants grow very slowly and they don't give full bloom.

I provide sufficient sun light and have proper water drain maintained in pots.

Yet my plants grow slowly and when they are blooming, the rose buds burn out and die, and only a few flowers bloom.

Why does this happen, how can I prevent this?

I want lots of blooms and healthy plants with big flowers, how can I get this. Please advise method and fertilizers (with contents).

If my plant grow healthy and bloom full I will be really thankful to you.

ANSWER: Hi Syed! Sorry about your roses not blooming good.

When the weather is hot roses don't have the energy to produce lots of blooms.

And the flowers that do come, fizzle out quickly.

I noticed you live in India. Is the weather hot and humid now?

Also in some climates, rose on own roots don't bloom well, so that could be the reason.

However, I did notice you have them in pots, so maybe not.

Is the drainage good? Roses must have good drainage, and be never let standing in water, such as a saucer under a pot.

I recommend you contact the India Rose Society for help with growing roses in your climate,
and what types of rose do well in your region.

You should only use fertilizers especially for roses, and only use potting soil for roses.
Best Regards,

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