Rose Propagation

rose propagation

Growing Roses From Cuttings

Rose propagation from cuttings, how to propagate roses from cuttings, and materials needed to propagate roses successfully.

Easy step by step of detailed instructions, that what you'll find here.

Propagating roses from cuttings is quite easy and lots of fun actually.

My mother in Sweden was an avid rose collector, and would look for opportunities to propagate roses from cuttings on our Sunday outings during summer.

She had her little 'Road Kit' with, and if she saw a rose in a garden she liked, she wasn't shy to ask for a cutting.

Come to think of it, I don't think she was ever turned down.

I learned rose gardening from my mother growing up in Sweden.

My mother didn't buy roses, she grew roses from cuttings, and so can you.

rose propagation

Every cutting for propagating roses are not likely to be 100% successful.

But in my experience about half, or more, will develop into a lovely rose plant.

You can also propagate roses by growing roses from rose hip seeds.

That's an easy and fun hobby for gardening with roses, that is also a very inexpensive way to aquire rose bushes, if you have the patience.

Taking And Preparing Cuttings For Propagation

The easiest part of the the rose to root, is the tip of a stem that has recently bloomed.

Ideally the rose tips should have withered flowers or hips beginning to form.

The flower heads or hips should be removed down to the first set of healthy leaves.

Propagation cuttings should be six to eight inches long, depending on the spieces, and should be cut with a sharp knife, or pruning shears, from the rose bush, at an angle of about 45 degrees.

It is important that the cuttings not be allowed to dry out.

They should also be protected from extreme heat and cold.

If you are taking a cutting at some other place than your garden, you should take along an ice chest, plastic zipper bags, a small amount of water, and ice, if the cuttings are going to be in hot conditions before getting to the rooting place.

Even a few minutes of exposure to heat, cold or dry air can ruin the cutting so you won't have a successful rose propagation.

Step By Step Instructions For Propagating Roses From Cuttings

Click on this link to get easy to follow instructions for growing roses from cuttings.

To grow a rose from a cutting is really a lot of fun and a very exciting hobby, or garden activity.

I have a friend, who after doing it as a hobby, is now having a successful home nursery business.

She selects antique and very unique roses, that are hard to find, and sells these roses from her house.

She loves rose propagation, and so do I.


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