Rose Pruning Question
And Powdery Mildew Problem

by Chris
(San Diego)

Hello Annelie,

QUESTION: I live in San Diego, CA and I wanted to know if you could tell me when I should be pruning my roses back? Also, how much should I be cutting them back? And one more question, I have had really BAD powdery mildew on all my roses that I could not get rid of when treating them. What can I do about this?
Thank You,

Hello Chris!

ANSWER: You should prune them back now. This is pruning time in Southern California. How much you prune depends on your rose variety.
Here is my page about pruning different kinds of roses.

Pruning Roses

Regarding the mildew and rose disease. I recommend using Bayer All-In_One Rose and Flower Care.

I have been using it for 3 years now with no mildew or black spot at all.
The product feeds the roses and has a powerful systemic against disease and insects.
You use 3 times during the season. For best result start using it after pruning when you notice foilage start to emerging.
After pruning, remove all foilage from the canes and spray your canes with Dormant Oil for roses. It will kill any over-wintering fungus spores and insect eggs. Clean up under the roses and spray the soil also.
That should do it.
Best Regards,

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