Rose Pruning

rose pruning

Prune Roses In The Spring

Rose pruning, pruning rose bushes in the spring is verybeneficial for roses. Every rose bush needs some pruning and trimming, so do not neglect these tasks, or the roses won't flower well and stay healthy.

rose pruning

Instructions For Pruning

Prune For Health: When you cut out older, dead, diseased and damaged canes the rose bush is revitalized.

Well pruned roses tend to live longer than roses who have been neglected.

Prune To Improve Quality: A correctly pruned rose has a better flower production with larger blooms. The entire plant looks nicer, making your garden look better.

rose pruning

An'Old Blush' rose, the best known of the China Roses

Prune To Control Size: When a rose plant has reached it's mature size, proper trimming keeps it from growing out of bounds, so it fits it's allotted space in your garden.

rose pruning

Pale Apricot Rose

Prune For Beauty: Trim the bush to shape it and to keep it attractive looking. With the right cuts you can shape it to your liking. For example, slender rather than wide.

If you like to watch a short video demonstration about pruning, click on the video below.

Now that you know why you need to trim your roses, it's important to find the requirements for different varieties.

Make sure to check out the variety of your rose before doing any cutting.

Click on the links below for detailed information on pruning different types of roses.

rose pruning


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