Rose pruning

by Terri
(Hot Springs, Arkansas)

Your rose question:
Hi Annelie, I am back with more questions! I need more info on rose pruning. I read thru your instructions about timing of pruning and also looked up some other sites as well. I am a little confused. It is February and here in Arkansas my roses have new little buds beginning to swell. I have read there is danger in pruning too soon (not sure what the danger is) but also read time to prune when you see buds swelling. I am mostly concerned with pruning the knockouts I planted last year. They grew quite tall but not so full. I want to cut them back for more fullness. Can you please help?? Thanks Annelie, Terri

Hi Terri,
It's important to know the last frost dates, if you live in an area that can have frosty nights.
The reason is: when you prune any rose it will stimulate new tender growth that is vulnerable to frost. Frost will actually kill the new growth.
I live in Los Angeles so we prune in early January.
You might want to contact a nursery that sells roses in your area of Arkansas, and ask them about frost dates.
They should know it.
Here is my page about pruning roses.
Hope this helps you out.

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