Rose Root Color

by Braccio
(Treasure Island, Fl)

QUESTION: What does the inside of a healthy rose root look like? is it white/white-ish?

In the past year I have lost several roses and I believe it may be do to overwatering.

Strangely enough other rose bushes flourished while several wilted and died.

when I pulled out the rose, the roots seems moist, as opposed to wet, but I notice the inside of the root was "brownish".

my rose red is raised above the driveway about 10 inches.

I live in florida where we have lots of rain during the summer; that is why I raised the flower bed so that water wouldn't flow into the rose bed from the driveway. any suggestions?

ANSWER: Hi Braccio! The inside of a living rose root is whitish.

I do think the answer to your rose problem, is found on my growing roses in Florida page.

Soil conditions in Florida makes it difficult for certein rose varieties to survive there.

Raised beds are great for roses.

Thanks for the picture of your beautiful Amaryllis plants.
Best Regards,

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