Rose Stem Turning Black
And Bud Dying

by Terri
(Craig, Alaska)


I just bought a beautiful tea rose from the grocery store with many buds on it.

As soon as I got it home I checked it for critters and seemed healthy but with in a week the stems from the bud down to where the next set of leaves branch shrivled and died causing the buds to die also.
I haven't fertilized it yet since it seemed so healthy and new. What could be causing this problem?
Thank You,


Hello Terri,
Unfortunately, grocery stores stock roses that are of 2nd quality, and many times the roses have been neglected for a while.
So that's why your rose had die backs. Even though your rose seemed good when you bought it, the neglect before you bought it finally hit the rose.
Only buy roses that are of 1st quality. Home Depot is another place I would never buy roses.

You should buy roses from local garden centers, who get local deliveries weekly and only order top quality healthy roses.

It's a lot of work to plant a rose properly, so it's very frustrating to have it fail. I get a lot of e-mails such as yours.

Just so you know, hybrid tea roses are not cold hardy, and will not survive winters in Alaska without heavy protection.

Here is my page about winter care for hybrid tea roses.
Kind Regards,

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