Rose Types

Different Types Of Roses

Wondering which rose types to grow? There are so many different types of roses to choose from.

Fortunately all types of roses are divided into class types, that will help you narrow down your rose choices.

Understanding these various types of roses is a good place to start your rose selection.

Such as the mature plant size, frequency of bloom, fragrance etc.

You'll want to familiarize youself with all the different rose types, so you can aquire the type of rose that meets your garden's need, and your own taste and desire.

Be sure to read all the information about the different types of roses listed below.

Hybrid tea roses tend to be cold tender so they are not practical for cold winter climates.

This page will only deal with modern garden roses, because those are the once that are readily available online and in garden centers around the country.

rose types

Hybrid Tea Type Roses

These types of a rose usually have a vase-like shape and are known for having perfect blooms and buds.

Most varieties are fragrant and are reliable repeat-bloomers, if deadheaded.

It's the most popular of all the types of roses, and are available in nearly all rose colors.

They are very dependant on deadheading for repeat blooms.

In zones 5 or colder, they require heavy winter protection. The lower part of the plant is rather bare, so underplant these roses with lowgrowing perennials, herbs or annuals.

In fact most roses benefit from underplanting. They look so much better in your garden, and keeps the soil cool and moist as well.

For a list of the most popular Hybrid Tea Roses with pictures, just click on the high lighted link above.

Here is the most popular Hybrid Tea Rose in the World

Grandiflora Type Roses

These rose types are the largest of roses. They are big upright plants with large headed blossoms.

The flowers appear mostly in clusters, similar to floribundas, and many types are fragrant and reliable repeat-bloomers.

As Grandiflora roses are very tall, they need ample room to spread out as well. In colder climates they require heavy winter protection, especially in zones 5 or colder.

Take a look at the Grandiflora Rose that most people buy

Floribunda Type Roses

These are outstanding types of landscape roses that bloom nonstop with floriferous trusses of blooms.

This type of rose is low-growing with an attractive bushy shape, and extremely hardy and easy to grow. It's even suitable for wetter climates.

The blooms are smaller than hybrid teas. Some varieties are susceptible to blackspot in certain areas.

Only buy disease resistant varieties and you'll be fine. Winter hardiness varies from variety to variety. So check this out, before purchasing these roses.

Here is Oprah's favorite Floribunda Rose

Polyantha Type Roses

These types of roses are similar to floribundas, but technically older and less intensely bred. They bloom nonstop all season long, and have great disease resistance.

Polyantha roses have a low-growing shrubby growth habit, and a profusion of smaller-sized flowers with a very attractive foilage.

These types of roses make excellent container roses. Some varieties have little fragrance, and the winter hardiness varies.

Here is a wonderful Polyantha Rose you will love

Type Shrub Rose Bushes

Shrub rose is a common term for a great many roses with a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They often have old-fashioned blooms.

These roses are very versatile in a landscape garden, and are very cold hardy and disease resistant. Many are used for ground-covers, such as the flower Carpet roses.

They lack the traditional, perfect buds found in Hybrid Teas, and some are poor choices for cutting. There is usually little or no fragrance.

Here is my favorite Shrub Rose

Types Miniature Roses and Mini Flora Roses

Miniature rose types are little, compact rose bushes, with small leaves and flowers, all in scale with one another.

They bloom nonstop and are always grown on their own roots, so it makes them more hardy than other types roses.

Thes roses are excellent for small-spaced gardens, and are also perfect for containers, as they are very compact rose plants.

Most types have tiny blooms, which are part of the charm. There is, however, little fragrance, except for a very few varieties.

This is the most popular Miniature Rose

Types Of Climbing Roses And Ramblers

These types roses naturally grow long canes that are very pliable, which makes them suitable for training and growing on a support, such as an arbor, trellis, arches or pillars.

They add vertical color in the landscape and take up very little ground space. Climbers and Ramblers are available in all flower forms and colors. They are perfect for diguising unattractive fences or structures.

Some types bloom only once, but with often with a fantastic flowershow that's quite long-lasting. Others are repeat-bloomers.

Rambler roses can grow out of control, and need a strong support. Even a large tree would be good. They are many varieties, escpecially the Explorer Series, are winter hardy to zones 5 or colder.

Take a look at this popular Climbing Rose

Types Of Old Antique Garden Roses

Each of these rose types, in some way, contributed genes to modern rose breeding. These roses are the distinguised ancestors in the rose family tree.

They are very versatile landscape roses that suit nearly any hardiness zone.

Many people love Old Garden roses, Antique roses, because they offer a connection to the past, a piece of history growing in your garden.

Some varieties bloom only once, and some spread through sucker systems; otherwise they are easy to grow.

Types Of Wild Roses

The Wild Rose types are the origins of all cultivated roses. Thse Wild Species roses became established in the Tertiary period, which began about 70 million years ago. Quite fantastic don't you think?

Below are the names of some of the most popular and easy to find Wild roses. hope you find the one you like.

Types Of Rugosa Roses

Rugosa roses are the toughest roses ever. They are perfect for rose hedges, and seaside gardens. Click on the link above for more information about rugosa roses.

Type Of Roses For Partial Shade

If you have a garden that is more shady than most roses would like, here is a list of roses that will thrive in partial sun or shadier areas.

Type Of Thornless Roses

Don't like those pesky rose thorns? Don't give up, there are several wonderful rose types that are almost or virtually thornless. The link above will take you to that page.

Easy To Grow Types Of Roses

Think you can't grow roses? If you plant these easy to grow roses you will have no trouble at all, as they are virtually self maintenance roses.

Types Of Cheap Roses

Drift Roses

A special group of very easy to grow roses from the company that gave you the Knockout roses. Low growing, mounding and always covered with blooms.


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