Rose Varieties

Rose Variety Names

Where do rose varieties fit in? I'm often asked to explain different kinds of rose bushes to folks who confuse rose types, with variety of roses.

The American Rose Society recently approved a new classification scheme for varieties of roses that reflects both the botanical and evolutionary progress of the rose.

Within each rose type, classification of roses, there is a different kind.

For example, the 'Mister Lincoln' is classified as a Hybrid rose type.

So if you are looking for a cut rose , you might consider the hybrid tea 'Mister Lincoln'.

A kind of red rose with very long stems, making it perfect for a vase of roses.

There are three main groupings, or varieties:

Species (i.e. wild roses), Old Garden Roses (classes in existence before 1867).

And Modern Roses (classes not in existence bfore 1867).

Modern roses don't live as long as wild roses and old garden roses.

And many modern roses are not as disease resistant as the old roses.

But the newer varieties that has been introduced recently have pretty good resistance to blackspot and podwery mildew.

List of Names of Varieties of Roses

Below are the different varieties of garden roses. I have featured each group with a very outstanding rose that I recommendd.

However, if you click on the link within each group you will get information and pictures of many more garden rose varieties.

double delight rose Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid tea roses are the queen of roses beause of their perfectly formed, large, usually double, scented flowers with high centers.

The picture shows the 'Double Delight' hybrid tea.

It flowers from spring through fall with sweet scented blooms.

The pale pink flowers are margined and flushed carmine-red.The flowers don't hold up well in rain, so don't plant it in Pacific Northwest coastal areas. Grows to about 4-5 feet tall. Zones 5-9.

julia child rose Floribunda Roses

These cluster-flowered rose bushes are blooming with gusto all season long. I am featuring the vey popular and disease resistant 'Julia Child' Rose in the picture to the left.

I really like floribundas because they are always covered with blooms from the bottum up.

So if you are planning a rose garden, be sure to include some floribunda roses. They are also a bit more hardy then the hybrid teas.

Grandiflora Roses

This rose variety is similar to hybrid teas, but it grows much taller to about 8-10 feet.


So plant it as a specimen rose for a focal point or at the back of your flower bed.

My favorite grandiflora rose is Queen Elizabeth Rose.

You can see it in the picture here. It was the first member of the grandiflora class.

The flowers don't have much of a fragrance, but the long tapered elegant buds open to display double, high-centered to cupped, clear blooms that are about 4 inches across.

They appear in seperate flower flushes from spring until fall. Zones 5-9.

zephirine drouhin rose Old Garden Roses

These rose varieties are antique roses that were developed in the 1800's.

Empress Josephine was the one that made them very popular and her garden near Paris were full of these old garden roses.

The picture features one of my own favorite old rose, 'Zephirine Drouhin' rose.

It's a nearly thornless climbing rose and so very lovely and fragrant.

All old roses are known for their fragrant blooms.

belle poitevine rugosa Species Roses

Species roses are the oldest of all roses and are also called wild roses.

The most widely sold and most popular wild rose are the Rugosa roses. They make wonderful, hard to penetrate rose hedges.

Another thing that makes them different from other roses are their brightly colored rose hips that arrive in the fall.

The rose hips are red or orange and very delicious for birds in the winter. My mother used to make rose hip soups, which has a very high vitamin C value.

In Sweden mothers give it to their babies in bottles.

english garden rose English Roses

English roses were developed by a British named David Austin.

They are actually shrub roses, but they are very unique because the blooms resemble the old garden roses from yesteryears.

The flowers are very fragrant and usually have a very high petal counts, very lovely for sure.

They are widely sold all over the world now, and I have some in my own garden here in Los Angeles.

David Austins English roses are also very disease resistant and flower for a long season.

They are some of my favorite rose varieties.

If you still haven't found your perfect breed of rose, here is a Variety of Roses that will definitely end your search.


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