Roses Are Not Growing

by Jitender
(India ,New delhi)

QUESTION: I have 8 rose plants but they die whether in winter or summer. First the leaves fall off and then the only stem remaining gets black & die. What do I do for ph level?
ANSWER: Hello Jitender,
Sorry to hear about your roses dying and not growing.
I am not sure what's happening since I do not know their growing conditions.
Do they have adequate drainage? Roses will die if left standing in water, or if the soil isn't draining well.
It could also be a soil pH problem. You need to do a soil test.
Here is my page about soil for roses.

Another reason could be a fungal disease such as rust which is known to kill roses.
Check the underside of leaves for signs of rust. It has an orange rusty color.
If you see any rust, you need to buy a product that will treat and get rid of rust.

It could also be a fungus called black spot.
Check my page here for that information and what to do about it.

Some roses are not happy growing in very hot humid climates.
India is known for humid hot weather so that could be a reason.
However, I have never heard it to kill roses, only that they stop blooming when it's too hot and they don't get enough water.
Do a soil test and find out what the pH is. You'll
need to read my page for that information. Just click on the blue link above.
I do think it's a growing condition or some rose disease.
Best Regards,

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