Roses for San Fernando Valley, Ca

by Ann Hearn Tobolowsky
(Studio City, CAlifornia)

Pink Rose I've seen growing in our area.

Pink Rose I've seen growing in our area.


Hi, I have a couple of questions I hope you can help us with:

We are doing a complete re-landscape (more water efficient) of our yard, and have set aside two 10x12 areas for roses.

1. When would be the best time to plant?
Typically August-October is the hottest part of the year for us, and with a drought it feels like a mistake to put in new plants now, in terms of stress on them and the amount of water needed to establish them.
Should we wait til winter? January? Plant bare roots?

2. My husband wants fragrance as a priority and I've fallen in love with a pink rose I've seen growing in our area.

I don't know what variety it is, but I am including a picture. I don't necessarily want all the roses to be the same variety, but I thought a selection all in the pink ranges could look really pretty.
What varieties would you recommend for us, pink and fragrant, for growing in the San Fernando Valley (we are in Studio City, CA,)?

Also the few roses we had before, we did have some problem with rose rosette disease, but all of the plants from our garden have now been removed. We are starting from scratch!

Thank you very much for any recommendations or advice you have for us


Hello Ann,
I garden in Los Angeles so I am very familiar with San Fernando Valley's climate.

The summers are hot there so you need roses that can tolerate hot weather.

The rose in your picture looks like the pink iceberg rose.

A floribunda rose that is more common as the white variety.

That rose would be good. It's not heavely scented, but has a pleasing light rose fragrance.

This is not a good time to plant roses. You should wait until Decemeber or January.

Also that's when the bare root roses are available.
I recommend bare root roses because they are dormant and not actively growing so they are more likely not to suffer from "transplant shock".

Potted roses often suffer from that.

If you have a spot in your garden that will get some shade in the afternoon, it would be great.
As long as morning sun is in good supply.

Here is a few roses that can handle summer heat and are fragrant.

Marilyn Monroe, hybrid tea rose.
Tournament of Roses, a grandiflora rose
Memorial Day, hybrid tea rose
and of course the iceberg floribunda rose.

I recommend you add a couple of white iceberg roses with your pink selection.

White roses make flowerbeds really pop and look extra beautiful.

Under-plant your roses with low growing perennials.
They will shade and keep your roses roots cool and conserve moisture.

They also make your flower bed more beautiful.

Here is my page about planting roses.

Thanks for visiting my rose gardening site.

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