Roses in South Florida

by Alberto
(Miami Florida)

Dear Annelie: we are Importers of fresh cut flowers from South America even we grow roses in the Colombian Sabana of Bogota but in my house there is not a single bush of roses. However I am planning to make a large metallic trellis beside the foyer of my house and I am looking for a very fragrant climbing rose - which one will you suggest for South Florida (Miami very specifically )

Regards/Alberto Arguello

Hi Alberto,
I hope you are planning to plant the rose outside your house in a sunny spot. Roses cannot grow inside ever.
They need a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight to grow and flower well.
Afternoon shade is ok if there is ample sun from early morning on.
Ok, the rose I recommend that you plant with your trellis is the blush noisette climbing rose.
It's known as the rose for the south.
And so very fragrant and always covered with lilac pink blooms that are so lovely.
Make sure you amend the soil with lots of organic compost. Add a half a cup of Epson salts to the soil as well.
Water deeply after planting the rose.
Start feeding when you see new foilage emerging, but not until then.
Best Regards,

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