Growing Roses in San Francisco

Growing roses in San Francisco, California is challenging because oak-root fungus is such a serious problem in the soil of coastal California.

The American Rose Society recommends that gardeners in this region grow all roses in containers.

This practice will avoid this troublesome native soil fungus.

Oak-root fungus causes the roses roots to rot and kills the rose plants.

I recommend using 15-gallon pots, which are spacious enough for even the largest types of roses.

In San Francisco, where direct sunlight is often reduced by fog, it's best to choose rose varieties with 35 petals or fewer.

It's hard for roses, packed with more petals to fully open without enough sunlight.

Gardeners east of the San Francisco Bay, in Oakland, or north in Marin County, can grow roses with more petals.

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Most gardeners want rose bushes that flower real well and are easy to grow and carefree.

Knockout roses and other shrub roses, like Sally Holmes and Starry Night, which have delicate flowers are great choices.

Many floribundas and climbing roses flower heavily through the long, mild growing season in the San Francisco Bay area and are resistant to black spot and other diseases.

Most roses resist black spot, powdery mildew, and other diseases (except oak-root fungus) well in this not-too-wet region.

Fertilizing every two weeks from March through September and deep watering twice a week will keep your roses in good health through the long growing season.

Pruning Roses in San Francisco

Pruning should be done in January.

At pruning time, a good cleanup and removing the oldest canes and refreshing the soil with organic compost will help preventing problems in the next flowering season, which in San Francisco is always around the corner.

Cut the remaining canes down by a third, and remove all foilage to force the rose to go dormant.

I recommend spraying the bare pruned canes and the soil with Neem Oil. This well kill off any overwintering fungus spores and insect eggs.

Best Rose Varieties For San Francisco

Below is a list of top roses to grow in Northern California and the Bay area.

these roses are recommended by the San Francisco American Rose Society and are highly rated for resistance to disease.

Admirable * America * Artistry * Climbing Iceberg * Comte de Chambord * Fame * Fourth of July * Gemini * Gertrude Jekyll * Gourmet Popcorn * Graham Thomas * Hot Cocoa * Julia Child * Knockouts * New Zealand * Olympiad * Perfect Moments * Rainbow's End * Rugosas * Reba McEntire * Sally Holmes * San Francisco Sunset * Singin in the Rain * Tournament of Roses *.


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