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Growing Roses In Texas

Roses Texas: Information about rose gardening, growing roses in Texas, and the best roses to grow in that climate, and the best climbing roses, that's what this page is all about.

The roses seem to grow bigger in Texas, it's almost to expect, but it's true. Many rose gardeners in Texas tell me that.

I am told that the most popular roses in Texas have bright colors, such as fire-engine red, bold orange and flashy yellow.

Texas does encompass several different rose growing regions, such as Central Texas, and South Texas, but the information here will benefit nearly all rose gardeners in the state of Texas.

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Tyler Rose Garden Texas

Most roses for Texas are hybrid tea roses, but floribundas, and a few antique rose varieties are also great choices for >people new to rose gardening.

Texas Earthkind Roses

Rose gardeners in Texas should know and be aware of Earthkind roses. These rose varieties have been designated by Texas A & M University as growing especially well in the difficult Texas climate zones.

These Earthkind roses for Texas use minimal water and require very little maintenance.

List of Earthkind Roses

  • BELINDAS DREAM: medium pink shrub rose.
  • CAREFREE BEAUTY: light rose shrub rose.
  • DUCHESSE DE BRABANT: soft rosy pink antique rose.
  • KNOCKOUT ROSES: this shrub rose

    comes in four colors.

  • MUTABILIS: blend of yellow, pink

    and orange antique China rose.

  • PERLE d'OR: golden pink Polyantha rose.
  • THE FAIRY ROSE: a light pink

    Polyantha rose.

It's very important to grow blackspot resistant roses in this climate.

Because the areas long growing season and hot weather is ideal for fungus diseases to develop.

I recommend spraying with a fungicide or Neem oil to prevent or eradicate it.

If you don't intend to spray, you should choose really tough shrub roses with thick leaves, such as Veterans Honor rose


Roses that have lots of petals do very well in the Texas climate also.

Unfortunately, David Austins English roses do NOT do well in Texas. They hate the hot weather there, and do not bloom well.

List Of Other Great Roses Texas

  • AMERICA: large flowered climbing rose.
  • CAJUN MOON: pink hybrid tea.
  • Cape Diamond: A very hardy disease free pink climbing rose.
  • CRYSTALLINE: white hybrid tea.
  • DISTANT DRUMS: purplish pink shrub rose.
  • GEMINI: pink hybrid tea.
  • GEORGE BURNS: yellow striped with pink and red floribunda.
  • JOYFULNESS: peachy orange hybrid tea.
  • LIME SUBLIME: chartreuse white floribunda.
  • MOONSTONE: white and pink hybrid


  • PLAYGIRL: vivid pink floribunda.
  • SEXY REXY: clear medium pink floribunda.
  • SIMPLICITY: medium pink


  • ST. pATRICK: yellow blend hybrid tea.
  • TOUCH OF CLASS: medium coral pink hybrid tea.
  • VETERANS HONOR: bright red

    hybrid tea.


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