Roses That Bloom In The Shade
Meaning in Less Sunny Areas

Roses that bloom in less sunny areas, sometimes can be hard to find, however, here are some rose varieties tolerate growing in less sunny areas..

Few roses are happy in half shady places, but there are a few that will thrive in such areas and with about 4 hours of sun per day.

Most are very fragrant and they all have an old-fashioned charm.

The roses below are the most shade tolerant roses available, and ready to be planted in your less than sunny garden area.

However, in Southern California where I garden, I find that the Iceberg Roses are quite shade tolerant, and bloom very well with only 4 hours of morning sun.

So I recommend them for dappled sunny areas, or only morning sun spots.

Penelope Rose for Shade

roses that bloom in the shade

Penelope rose is a modern large, arching, shade tolerant shrub rose, with vigorous and disease free foilage. It repeat blooms all season and produces a lovely show of rose hips in winter.

The large clusters of beautiful, delicate light pink blooms fading to white as they age, have a sweet old rose fragrance.

Penelope rose makes a great informal hedge and is also useful for growing over fences or walls.

Erfurt Rose, a Shade Tolerant Rose

roses that bloom in the shade

One of the shrub roses that bloom in the shade, Erfurt rose has a trailing, bushy habit and leathery, rich bronze-tinted disease-free foilage. It flowers continuously despite a large crop of medium-sized round hips that turn from green to orange-red and which are produced after the first flush of flowers.

The blooms are a beautiful deep pink color with yellow stamens, a very pretty combination. The hips are very attractive and make great indoor decorations. The hips last for several month on the bush and they don't seem to get eaten by the birds. Zones 4-9.

Buff Beauty Rose for Partial Shade

roses that bloom in the shade

A modern shrub rose, Buff Beauty is one of the roses that bloom in the shade, that is favored by rose enthusiasts. A very desirable garden plant even when it's not blooming, because of it's pleasing rounded growth habit and it's ample foilage of dark shiny leaves.

In late spring-summer and again in fall, it grows large clusters of gorgeous pale apricot colored blooms that really show up against the dark foilage.

There is a lovely rose fragrance. It grows to an average height or more, is great in flower borders or planted against a low wall or fence and it's very disease free. Zones 4-9.

Cornelia Rose for Shady Spots

roses that bloom in the shade

Cornelia rose is another shrub rose for a shady garden. A modern shrub that has been popular since it first was introduced in 1925. The color of it's blooms range from apricot, to salmon-pink or strawberry flushed yellow, a very lovely color hue.

The flowers are small, very double and rosette shaped, and they come in large clusters. There is a lovely musky rose fragrance.

Cornelia rose is a great. strong-growing shrub that repeat blooms all season long. This is a thornless rose, with dark green disease free foilage. Zones 4-9.

Kathleen Rose Blooms in Partial Shade

roses that bloom in the shade

Kathleen, one of the roses that bloom in the shade, has light pink repeat flowering blooms. They are small single, charming flowers with yellow stamens, that come in large clusters, the overall effect of apple-blossoms. There is sweet, sort of musky rose fragrance.

The growth habit is of a larger than average height and sprawling. It can be trained as a small climber, especially in warmer climates. Zones 4-9.

Crown Princess Margareta a Partial Shade Rose

roses that bloom in the shade

Crown Princess Margareta rose, a David Austin shrub rose that will tolerate a less than sunny spot in your garden. It has a wonderful strong and fruity scent. The flowers are large with a variable apricot color. The growth habit is tall and arching with a dense foilage. In cooler climates it's only a shrub, but in warm climate zones it can be trained as a pillar rose. Whatever the weather the effct is exquisite. It's hardy to Zone 6. The rose is named after Queen Victoria's Grand daughter, The Crown princess of Sweden.

Climbing Roses For Partial Shade

A Shropshire Lad, a Climbing Shade Tolerant Rose

roses that bloom in the shade

This shade tolerant climbing rose, the Shropshire Lad rose, is strong and healthy with peach colored blooms and a wonderful fruity scent. This rose will really brighten up a shady place in your garden, however, I do not mean a deep shady spot.

Golden Showers a Climbing Rose for Shady Areas

roses that bloom in the shade

For complete detailed information and more pictures of Climbing Golden Showers Rose click on this link.


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