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Rugosa Roses And Other Forms Of Rugosas

Roses wild, such as Rosa Rugosa roses and Rugosa cultivars such Rosa rugosa alba, a white form, Rosa rugosa rubra, a purplish form, and Rosa rugosa kamtchatica, a bright pink form, make dense, free-branching rugosa shrub roses that grows to a height of 8 feet (2.5m).

 Rosa Rugosa

Roses Wild, Rosa rugosa pink

Rosa rugosa mail order roses are readily available as bare root Rosa rugosa. Rosa rugosa plants have light brown stems with lots of thorns. The leaves are dark green, broadly oval and serrated. They turn a bright rich yellow in the fall, it reminds me of some beautiful maple trees during fall.

The single, rugosa roses fragrant wild rose flower, opens to 2.50 inches (6.5 cm) across, and is bright deep pink in color with soft yellow stamens. The flowers bloom from early summer through fall. The wild rose hips are large, round and bright red and held on short stems and are very ornamental.

Rosa Rugosa Alba

rosa rugosa alba

Rosa Rugosa Alba

Rosa rugosa plants, such as the white alba form, is especially good, with larger flowers, up to 3 inches ( 8 cm) across. It's fruits, the rose hips, are more showy, both in size and in color.

The foilage of Rosa rugosa alba plants, a dark green, shows off these stunning scented white flowers to their fullest.

Rugosa Rubra

rugosa rubra

Rugosa Rubra

Rosa Rugosa rubra is a purplish form of the Rosa rugosa cultivars. The flowers are similar in size of the pink Rosa rugosa, and growing and caring for rugosa rubra is not any different. The rugosas are the easiest rose plants to care for.

Rosa Rugosa Kamchatica

R. rugosa kamtchatica, introduced in 1770, is most likely the result of a chance cross with Rosa rugosa and another wild rose species.

It's less coarse than Rosa rugosa with green wood and a lot fewer thorns, and the foliage is a bright green. It has bright pink single flowers with a lovely rose fragrance.

Pruning Rugosa Roses And Care Of Rugosa Roses

Pruning rugosa roses, roses wild, and care of rugosa roses is minimal, as growing these wild roses is very easy and there rarely are any problems of rugosa roses to speak of, if any.

To prune rose rugosa and it's cultivars is probably the easiest of all roses. This group of roses can be left for three to five years with little or no pruning other than deadheading. Occasionally an old stem can be removed at the base to promote new growth, or to prevent the plant from becoming too overcrowded or invasive. This technique of minimal pruning results in large and attractive Rosa rugosa plants.


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