Rugosa Rose Bushes

Rugosa Rose Hedge
Pruning and Growing Rugosas

The rugosa rose is very hardy and disease resistant, and known for its ability to grow in the most hostile environment, both hot and cold.

'Rugosas' survive despite neglect.

But with regular rose care, Rosa Rugosas can make wonderful lanscape possibilities come true.

'Rosa Rugosa' species roses are popular as a thorny, dense hedge.

They also produce large red hips in the fall.

Rugosas are resistant to salt spray, making them excellent for seashore gardens.

Vigoruous, dense the Rugosas species roses are very old from before 1846, with very prickly stems and wrinkled, leathery, dark green leaves that are never touched by blackspot or powdery mildew.

rugosa hedge

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Growing Information

Rugosas have scented flowers that appear early summer through fall.

Leaves turn a rich yellow in the fall, which is very beautiful.

The rugosa roses have been hybridized, rugosa alba is a white form that is extra good with larger flowers, up to 3 inches across.

R. alba's rose hips are more conspicuous both in size and color.

Another hybrid is R. rugosa rubra, a reddish purple form.

I grew up in Sweden and our countrysides were full of rugosas. It was always a fall ritual for my family to go out and pick rose hips which my mother turned into rose hip soups. Very delicious.

Pruning Rugosa Roses

For information on how to prune rugosas, Click on the hightlighted headline above.

I think you'll will be pleased to know how incredibly easy it is to prune these wild rougas.


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