Rust On Roses
Rose Fungus Disease

rust on roses

Rose Rust Treatment Information

Rust on roses and the best rose rust treatment for rust on leaves, that results from the rose rust fungus disease, that's what this page is all about.

Also known as rust fungi disease, it looks like rust spots on the leaves of roses.

Rust fungus shows up as orange spores on the undersides of rose leaves.

It usaully starts infecting the rose leaves of the lower branches first.

The top sides of the leaves that are infected by rust spores, there are often yellow and brown spots.

If the foilage is severely infected with rose rust, the leaves may curl and turn brown, and then fall off.

This usually leads to reduced vigor of the plants with no blooms. Also smaller rose bushes can die from rust disease.

rust on roses

Rose Rust On Leaves Underside
Image Courtesy Of Huntington Botanicals

Rose rust is best treated by Ortho Rose Pride Rose & Shrub Disease Control.

Rose rust can also infect stems and canes. So be sure to treat those also.

Organic rose defence products are not as effective against rust, but worth a try if the rose is not severely infected.


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