Sally Holmes Rose

Climbing Antique White Rose Sally Holmes

Sally Holmes rose, the lovely white rose 'Sally Holmes', produces an outstanding floral display, as the picture of the 'Sally Holmes' attest to.

This antique smaller climber, is a very easy to grow rose, and it's easy to train on a fence because the size is manageable.

I think 'Sally Holmes' is one of the best smaller white roses that performs magnificently anywhere it's planted.

It looks best against a darker support or facade, as the lower picture clearly shows.

It's one of the best white roses for fences I can think of as well as for small town gardens and balconies and decks.

It would also work for a large container with a trellis inserted in it.

sally holmes rose

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It would also work for a large container with a trellis inserted in it.

Or train it on a privacy trellis nest to your patio, or any place in your garden, where the 'Sally Holmes' antique climbing rose would look great.

sally holmes rose

This is a very popular white climbing rose.

It is sometimes grown as a shrub, but behaves best as a climber.

'Sally Holmes' has creamy white single flowers, with just a hint of pink, and a crown of yellow stamens.

The lovely buds are coral pink and pointed. There is a lovely rose fragrance.

The long arching canes have glossy deep green leaves.

In milder climates it's best grown as a climber, reaching to 15 feet tall.

Train it on a fence, trellis, or a pillar.

This wonderful rose actually tolerates a bit of shade. There is a stunning display of flowers in late spring or early summer, followed by repeat bloom throughout the season.

Sally Holmes is resistant to most common rose diseases.

Zones 5-9, Climbing height 10-15 feet.

sally holmes rose

Here is another picture of this wonderful white climber.

I think it looks smashing against this deep coral painted house.

Always pay attention to the background colors when chosing climbing roses.


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