Scentimental rose changed to pink

by Annie Woy
(Waynesboro, PA, USA)

QUESTION: About 5 years ago, I planted a Scentimental floribunda rose.

For 2-3 years, the flowers were peppermint striped red and white.

For the last couple of years, the flowers are pink, and they look "different", not the same shape as the original red-and-white.

Also, the character of the bush has changed. From a relatively small well-behaved bush to a huge, incredibly healthy one.

I like the new pink flowers almost as much as the orginal.

I'm assuming that whatever Scentimental was grafted to is now the bush that's growing and that the Scentimental scion is defunct.

My question is, what rose do I have? Do you know of a pink flowered rootstock for Scentimental?

ANSWER: Hi Annie! The parents of Scentimental rose is Playboy rose and Peppermint Twist Rose.

The rose has reverted back to one of it's parents.

In your case it's one of the Playboy rose's parents, the Chanelle rose, a pink rose.

So you now have a Chanelle rose.
Best Regards,

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