Scentimental Rose

scentimental rose

Red And White Rose

Scentimental rose, a splashy red and white rose with peppermint candystriped rose flowers.

Multi colored roses, especially red and white roses are always very spectacular.

This bi-colored rose with red and white flowers, no two alike, is an award winning rose bush.

The wonderful rose fragrance is a great match, richly spicy and utterly divine.

Because 'Scentimental is a floribunda, the flowers appear in large clusters. Just one or two stems make for a fantastic bouquet.

There are some old fashioned roses with similar red and white coloration, however, their bloom period is rather brief as opposed to all summer for this rose.

scentimental rose

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The distinctive, dark green foilage is very disease resistant and adds to the rose's appeal.

It also tolerates both heat and humidity, making the 'Scentimental' roses a great choice for the American South East and other areas with such climates.

'Scentimental' forms an upright sort of rounded shrub.

It looks lovely planted in flowerbeds and borders, especially if you plant it in groups of three or more bushes to create a drift of the red and white roses.

Highlight these roses by giving them an all green background, such as an underplanting of parsley and a backdrop of evergreens.

It's also great to pair them wih white flowers, such as a carpet of sweet Alyssum or a low growing perennial such as a white variety of the Hardy Geranium.

The rose was introduced by Carruth, USA, in 1996.

It received the All American Rose Selection Award in 1997. Zones 5-9, 3-4 feet heigh.


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