Scottish and English Rose

by Rachel
(Adelaide, SA)

I would be grateful for any information you may be able to give me.

I am wanting to do something special for my Mum.

She has now lost both of her parents (my grandparents) and we have there ashes.

My Nan was from Scotland and my Grandad from England.

I would like to put their ashes together in a large pot, and have a Scottish rose (for Nan) and an English rose (yellow was my grandads favourite - prehaps Golden Celebration?)

I have this idea of planting them close together so they en-twine.

Do you think this may work?
Thanks for your time

ANSWER: Hi Rachel! Sorry about your loss.

But how sweet of you to try to make your Mum feel better.

I do think you idea is good.

However, if you want the roses to "embrace", you should make sure the other rose, is a climbing rose, that you could train to mingle with the Golden Celebration rose.

Pick a smaller climber, so it won't overwhelm the golden rose.

I recommend one of the David Austins English climbing roses in a complimentary color.

They are available in Australia.
Best Regards,

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