Searching for Apricot Nectar Floribunda
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by Judi
(Chesapeake VA)

QUESTION: Twenty five years ago, when we moved into our home in Virginia, I purchased a single Apricot Nectar rose bush.

It has bloomed successfully every year, with some blooms still pushing through at Christmas time.

In the last five years, the original graft stock has begun shooting up small bright red flowers that come from the same crown as the Apricot Nectar, but the canes on the red flowers are puny and thin.

The overall health of the Apricot Nectar has weakened despite careful pruning.

I would like to get new plants of Apricot Nectar roses, but I am having a hard time finding one.

Can you help me locate a seller where I can purchase this fabulously prolific and fragrant rose? Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi Judi! It sound as though your Apricot nectar rose has reverted to one of its parents.

I don't have a source for this exact rose, but there is another one with beautiful colorings in those apricot peachy mango shades.

It's called Easy Does It a very fragrant prolific blooming floribunda rose, that is super disease free.

This page has growing information about the rose, and a nice picture.

You can also purchase this rose from that page, and I think you'll like the price. It's very good.
Best Regards,

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