Self Watering Planter

Trellis Planter With Self Watering System

I am always looking for a self watering planter, but they are hard to find in the stores, so I was happy to find this outdoor self watering trellis planter.

It can be used indoors also of course, such as in a sun room or used in a built in porch would be very attractive.

Self watering planters are very convenient if you take weekend trips or getaways. That way you don't have to bother your friends or neighbor to come over and water your plants.

self watering planter

Exaco Trading 1.416W Calypso Planter with Trellis and Self Watering System, Buy It Here

Self Watering Trellis Planter Product Information

The Calypso Planter with the attached trellis and self watering system is really beautiful.

It features a 2.5 gallon water resorvoir with a water level indicator and and an easy-fill filling tube.

It is made of UV resistant polyethylene so you never have to paint it. I really like that as I do not like to paint.

The trellis planter is also easy to move, because it has wheels that are also lockable.

The planter is 53 inches high, 31 inches wide and 13 inches deep. It's perfect for a balcony, patio or deck and works as a beautiful privacy screen.

If you have a very sunny spot you can plant a small climbing rose and tie the canes to ther trellis. That would be very attractive.


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