Seven Sisters Rambler Rose

by Linda Haynes

Dear Annelie, Just a comment. I have an old climbing/running rose that came from my great grandparents homeplace over 45 years ago. My mother called it a seven sisters. I was not sure that was the correct name. The cutting I got came from a bush that was planted in 1894 and it "ran" all over a bank at the edge of the yard. I have had excellant luck with this rose. It is on 7 foot trellis and runs along the ground also. Here in Alabama it blooms around mother's day and the roses are pale pink. I am so proud of my heirloom rose. The roses are beginning to fade now. Just wanted you to know.
Hi Linda,
The Seven Sisters rose is an antique rambler rose from England.
And it's an once-flowering rose, so it needs to be pruned after flowering in summer. Never in the spring, because it flowers mostly on new wood from the previous season.
Of course you know all this, but I thought to mention it in case others don't know the pruning needs of the Seven Sisters rose.
It's amazing it's doing so well just growing from a cutting.
Thanks for sharing!
Happy Day
... Annelie

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