Seven Sisters Rose Won't Bloom

by Dawn Allen
(Kissimmee, Fl )

QUESTION; Good morning. I bought my mother a seven sisters rose bush 3 years ago and it still has not bloomed. It gets about 4 hours of sun a day and has spread approximately 20 or more feet along the fence. It does have some rust spots on several leaves which she has treated. She has fed it rose food, bloom buster, and even tried beating it with a stick but not one bloom. Could you please give us some advice on what to do? Thanks so much
Dawn Allen
ANSWER: Hello Dawn, I think there are several reasons to explore why the climbing sport of Seven Sisters rose isn't blooming.

The first one is that many climbing roses spend the first few years growing long arching canes from which the shorter flowering canes grow. So that could be one reason.

Another reason could be the lack of sunshine, only 4 hours of sun per day. So that in combination with the above could be the reason for lack of blooms. Especially if the 4 hours of sunshine is afternoon rather than morning sun.
Roses need minimum 6 hours, but bloom the best with full sun from morning until night.

Lastly, it has been infested by rust, which is the only disease that can be fatal for roses.
This disease, is very troublesome, and a rust infected rose will stop flower production in order to save energy to survive this rose disease.

Be sure to be vigilant and continue to treat the rose foilage for rust.
The rust spores are usually mostly on the underside of the leaves.
Remove all infected leaves and spray the canes, remaining foilage, and the soil, with Orthos Rust Control.
Examine every single leaf for signs of rust and remove them.
Let me know how the rose is doing ok.
Best Regards,

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