Seven Sisters Rose Bush

seven sisters rose

The Growth Habit of The 'Seven Sisters' Rose

Here is rose bush Seven Sisters rose information, and care of rosa 'Seven Sisters, a lovely old multiflora rambler climbing rose from Britain 1817. If you dont train it, it can be a large arching rose bush.

Rose 'Seven Sisters' is a form of Rosa Multiflora with similar growth habit, but with larger leaves and bigger double flowers.

The flower trusses can bear up to seven blooms, ranging from depp cerise-purple to pale mauve, or even off-white colors.

seven sisters rose

Picture of 'Seven Sisters' Rose Bush

They get their name name from the way the flowers change colors.

The flowers open dark pink, dark enough to sometimes appear red or purple, and then fade through pink to white.

'Seven Sisters' rose can be easily rooted from cuttings.

seven sisters rose

The growth habit is very vigorous, as are most ramblers, and it can cover a large area. It is perhaps better placed on a wall in cooler areas, as it needs some protection from frost.

It's an once-flowering rose and should only be pruned after flowering in summer. Never prune in late winter or spring, if you do you won't have any flowers this season. Zones 6-9, height up to 13 feet (4m).

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