by Michael
(Illinois, USA)

Here it is in the begining of September in northern Illinois, U.S.A. and I wanted to share some photos of my Climbing Don Juan Roses. They were just planted this spring and I was ablolutely amazed that I had gotten so many blossoms this summer. It may have been due to my putting manure about a foot below them with dirt between the roots and the manure when I planted them. We created an arbor area in the back yard and planted a bush on each side of it so that they may grow to meet at the top. I anticipate that by the middle of next summer they will be pretty close. I took one photo with my hand next to the blossom to show how large and wonderful they are.

Hi Michael,
Thanks for sharing. I do think the reason your Don Juan rose took off fast, and is blooming so well, is because of the way you planted the rose, with the manure so well placed in the planting hole. The rose was so well planted.
The picture of the velvety blossom is beautiful.
Thanks for sharing!
Best Regards,

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