Shipping a Rose Cutting

by Tasha

QUESTION: My husband is from California and for a surprise I have asked his sister to get me a rose cutting.

It's from a rose bush that their mother had when they were growing up.

She passed away about 3 years ago and we're getting ready to move into a new home where we plan to be for quite some time.

I would love to get a rose cutting from this bush but don't know the best way to have it done.

It will need to be shipped from California to New York State.

Any suggestions? And do you think this will work?

Thank you, in advance.

ANSWER: Hi Tasha! To ship a rose cutting would work if it's done right.

The rose cutting must be kept moist at all times during shipping.

The best way would be for your sister in-law to take the cutting and grow it in a pot, and wait until it roots, before shipping it.

It should be shipped overnight though. Fed Ex will do that.

Here is my page about growing roses from cuttings.

Your husbands sister must read this page and follow the instructions carefully.

Maybe you can send her to my web site.

I also recommend she take several cuttings because not all cuttings will take.
Best Regards,

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