Shoud I prune my Knock-Out rose?

by Patty Cochran
(Chapin, IL USA)

QUESTION: I live in west-central Illinois and had a beautiful knock-out bush full of beautiful red blooms earlier this year but now the blooms are gone and all I have is a bush of bug-eatten leaves. Due to health reasons the bush did not get pruned last fall and has grown very large for the spot for it in the garden. Would pruning it now for shape and to rid it of part of the bug-eatten leaves hurt the plant? It would have at least three month of good growing time left if I were to do it now.

Thank you for your advice.

ANSWER: Hi Patty! Yes I recommend you do a light summer pruning now.

Do not remove all leaves, only the bad ones.

And shape it up a bit as well.

After the rose trimming, give it a good watering followed by a rose fertilizer.

Then you will have another nice flower show, when the weather cools down later.
Best Regards,

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