Should I plant Flutterbye Rose?

QUESTION: I saw Flutterbye rose on a garden tour last year and the flower was lovely.

It was in part shade at the time and seemed to be a small plant. (Probably because of the shade, I know.)

I ordered it bare root, am about to plant it, and now have reservations.

I would like to keep it under 6' and 3-4 feet wide at most.

I would like to grow a clematis through it as well. It will not get 6 hours of sun I'm afraid.

Should I put it in a container to see how I like it and if I love it, find a better spot for it?

I love your website and can't wait to spend more time looking at it.

I live in warm San Jose, California.

Thank you!!


ANSWER: Hi Ginny! Sorry it took a while to get back to you.

The Flutterbye rose is a floribunda shrub that can be trained to climb.

I love the Flutterbye rose myself. It grows to 6.5 feet tall.

It should be planted in the ground, because of it's size, it's not a good rose plant for a container.

If you have less than 4 hours of direct sun, it won't flower well though.

If you must plant it in a container, make sure its the largest container you can find.

I love the idea of planting a Clematis with it.

Make it a blue clematis. The yellow rose flowers would look great with a blue Clematis.
Best Regards,

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