Shrub Roses

shrub roses

'Shrub' Rose Bushes

Care of shrub roses is very easy,these roses are known as low maintenance roses. Rose types such as the Knockout Rose, Carefree Wonder Rose and the Ballerina Rose are great modern rose bushes. Landscape rose bushes such as the Flower Carpet Roses, Carefree Delight Rose, and Starry Night Rose make it easy to grow and plant roses and use them in the garden. They are certainly more colorful than regular green bushes, and just as easy to care for.

I have a lot of ideas where to put a climbing rose.

These landscape roses encompasses a wide variety of roses, but generally, they have an attractive shape, are long- flowering, bloom in clusters, and are low maintenance with minimal care.

Modern Shrub Rose Bushes

shrub roses

Bonica Is One Of The Modern Shrubs

Modern roses are readily available at most garden centers. These rose bushes are crosses of old garden roses with newer varieties. many rose hybridizers are creating the next new super roses.

Classic Shrub Rose Bushes

shrub roses

This Hybrid Rugosa Is One Of The Calssic Shrubs

Classic roses are harder to find in local garden centers, although the hybrid Rugosas seem to be easier to find.

The classic rose or the Old Fashioned rose such as Hybrid Kordesii, Hybrid Musk or Hybrid Moyesii, can be easier found on the internet and by online buying. The exact rose you desire is only a click away.

Or you can e-mail me personally by going to 'Contact Me Directly' on my Navigation bar to the left. I'll be happy to help you locate any hard to find rose.

Cold Hardy Shrubs Roses

shrub roses

John Cabot Rose Is One Of The Hardy Shrubs

Rose bushes such as the John Cabot rose from the Explorer Series are super hardy. But most of these roses are reliably hardy without winter protection through zone 5, and hardy with minimal or no winter protection in zone 4.

They can also take heat very well, thriving in hot humid climates as far south as zone 10 Florida.


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