Simplicity Roses

'Simplicity' Hedge Roses

Simplicity roses were developed specifically for rose hedges. One of its parent is the popular Iceberg floribunda rose

The ,Simplicity, rose hedge is a dazzling, solid 4-5 foot wall of color all season long.

Simplicity hedge roses flowers with profusion and repeat bloom on an upright growing bush that stays well branched all the way to the ground.

The result is a fabulous rose hedge and it's hard to find a better rose, than 'Simplicity' rose, for a hedge.

The first 'Simplicity' floribunda rose plant was medium pink but now there are four colors of the Simplicity hedge roses.

The foilage is small, glossy dark green.

The Simplicity's tolerate humidity and hot weather and is perfect for the South.

There is no fragrance except for the fragrant lavender 'Simplicity' rose.

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Yellow 'Simplicity' Rose

simplicity roses

Picture Of Yellow 'Simplicity' Rose Plant

Pink 'Simplicity' Rose

Picture Of Pink 'Simplicity' Rose

simplicity roses

Picture Of Pink 'Simplicity' Rose

White 'Simplicity' Hedge Rose

simplicity roses

Picture Of White 'Simplicity' Rose

Lavender 'Simplicity' Rose

simplicity roses

Picture Of Fragrant Lavender 'Simplicity' Rose

Care of 'Simplicity' roses is quite simple and easy. If you click on this link you will get complete information on how to Care for Rose Hedges.

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