Small Red Roses on Big Rose Bush

QUESTION: I have about 4 roses of different varieties with small red roses growing on them for the past couple years. They are a climbing peace, climbing angel face, brigadoon, and garden party roses. I've had these roses for at least 10 years in a south facing exposure in Mesa, Arizona. I get the true color and size of the rose first, but then the small roses come out. Why am I getting these shoots off of the regular rose stems? It's not affecting all my roses, and not all of them are next to each other. Can you help?


Danna Desmond

ANSWER: The smaller size rose blooms are most likely because of hot weather.
Some rose varieties don't tolerate very hot temperatures, and try to conserve energy by not flowering, or by producing smaller blooms.
This is very common in hot climate zones. I garden in Los Angeles, and during the spring my rose bushes have very large blooms on their first flower flush of the season.
But later, during the summer, when it's hotter during the days, the blooms are much smaller.
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