Soil and Water For Roses

by Joe Orawczyk
(Yermo, CA)

Rased beds and arbor made with reclaimed wood.

Rased beds and arbor made with reclaimed wood.

Hi Annelie,

In regards to the New Dawn roses what kind of soil do they prefer and how much water?
I live in Yermo, CA (zone 9a, 20-25 F) in the Mojave Desert with primarily compacted sand in place of soil. I read the Yellow Rose of Texas is a great choice for this area, but as I am planning to construct a pergola between my in-law's house and the raised vegetable beds and arbor I built, I'm looking for a low maintenance flowering climbing plant to provide shade as well as other benefits (such as attracting bees to pollinate our pomegranate trees, etc.) My in-law's home in the attached image is a south facing wall.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and love of roses.

Best regards,
Joe Orawczyk

Hello Joe,

I live in Los Angeles and am very aware of the soil out in the desert areas. Sandy soil is very lacking in nutrients, so you need to replace 50% of your sandy soil with organic compost, available by the bags at garden centers.

Thoroughly mix the compost with your remaining sandy soil. Add some bone meal and epson salts to the mix.

Here is my page about soil for roses.

You should also read my page about planting climbing roses.

Since your area is similar to Arizona's climate, I recoomend you read my page about growing roses in Arizona. Roses need special watering in areas such as yours. They need to be watered deeply and often, especially during the hot summers.

The New Dawn climber is large enough to give you lots of shade.
Best Regards,

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