Soil For Roses

soil for roses

Roses Soil pH

Soil for roses, roses soil pH, the optimal soil condition for roses and the ideal soil test results for roses is very good to know and understand.

Soil structure is very important and knowing the best soil for roses is critical to growing roses successfully.

Roses prefer slightly acidic soil and grow best with an acidic soil type, but not too acidic.

soil for roses

Roses Soil pH and Best Soil For Roses

Many gardeners skip soil testing in their gardens.

But if you know the ideal soil condition for roses, and what the conditions of soil needed is, to grow roses well, you'll get a head start on a successful rose garden.

Soil pH tests actually measure the degree of alkalinity or acidity in your soil.

On the pH scale, which is 0-14, a pH of 7.0 is neutral.

Above 7.0 is alkaline, and below 7.0 the soil is acidic.

Importance Of Soil pH Levels

The real importance of the soil pH level is, that it has profound effect on how certain nutrients and water are taken up by the rose plant.

If the pH level is way off the rose is unable to take up nutrients and water, which can really hurt the rose during hot weather.

For example, in alkaline soil, above 7.0, there is less iron in the soil, which can result in yellow foilage and poor plant growth.

I grow roses in Los Angeles, where we have alkaline soil, and I see roses with yellowing leaves all the time, driving around looking at gardens.

I know they need to add garden sulfur, but they don't know this.

Optimal Soil Conditions For Roses

Roses generally prefer a soil pH of 6.0 to 6.5, but they'll also do well if the pH level is slightly above or below that range.

If the soil for roses is too acidic, you can raise the pH by adding lime to the soil. If the soil is too alcaline, you can lower the pH by adding garden sulfur.

Soil in the Western States of USA tend to be more alkaline, and soils in the South and Northeast tend to be more acidic, while the soil in the Midwest are more neutral.

pH Fertilizer Soil Analyzer For Roses

Here is a great and handy little gadget to help you determine your rose soil pH value in your garden. Just click on the high-lighted product link below.

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